Visual Melodies centers on Music Videos — a fusion of film and music, two things of which I am a fan of. Whether simple or complex, all Music Videos are works of art in their own right and deserve to be analysed, reviewed and discussed.

Disclaimer: I am partial to pop and mainstream music.
However, I do feel that all music and music videos are intrinsically valuable.

As a twenty-year-old, I’ve never been the sporty guy; I’ve always been the sit-down-and-have-fun type. Whether it is hanging out, playing board games, simply conversing and more often than not engaging with visual stimulus, I’ve always found static fun… more… ‘fun’.

And as a university student, procrastination is an important part of my day. Usually it involves, watching TV series and YouTube videos. Online, I usually gravitate to the most current music videos, often interested in how others perceive them. This blog is a personification of my interest and curiosity.

So join me, as I dive into things such as, ‘why Miley licked the hammer’ to ‘how E.T expresses ideas of interracial relationships’ and even ‘why the objectification of woman in Hip-Hop is still going strong’.



An human-animal hybrid and an Albino...

An animal-human hybrid and an Albino…

A woman, a pole and dignity.

A woman, a pole and her dignity.


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